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How to Buy the Perfect Wedding Ring Sets

Perfect Wedding Ring Sets

The perfect wedding sets don’t only look magnificent but are practical at the same time. In our daily lives, we have a long list of things to do and almost all of them require our hands. Some may say that a fancy and bejeweled ring can get in the way of work, but if you have the perfect wedding ring sets, it won’t be a problem at all. We all know the kind of lifestyle we have so choosing a set of rings that is preferable to our active way of life is how we can start to get things right. Read about the different types of wedding ring sets for you and your spouse.

How to Buy the Perfect Wedding Ring Sets 01
How to Buy the Perfect Wedding Ring Sets 01

1. Channel Setting

      An engagement that has a row of small stones around a center gemstone is called its ‘channel setting’. Where a wedding band with a flow of diamonds and channel setting of stones of this type is complimented greatly, engagement rings on the other hand not so much. It makes a little impractical to wear wedding rings with lots of gemstones lined around while doing house chores. 


2.Tension Setting

    Many engagement rings have a stone which is slightly raised above the ring. This is makes it very susceptible to getting scrapped or damaged when it comes to contact with force. The tension setting of the ring allows the gemstone to be held in place with pressure alone with the metal instead of the prongs. 


3.Flush Setting

    One of the most compatible wedding ring sets comes with flush setting. The gemstones are inlaid securely within the metal of the ring keeping it safe from getting caught in clothes or other things during work. It also protects the stone from cracking.


4.Invisible Setting

The most unique yet practical engagement ring choice is with an invisible setting.  It includes a series of gemstones set so closely together, which minimizes the chances of damage or scrape. A little hefty on the wallet, invisible setting ring sets is worth the price.


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