This is the final article in ‘Choosing the ideal wedding rings as a symbol
of your eternal love and married life’ series. We hope you enjoy reading it as
much as we enjoy writing them. Here are the rest of wedding rings choosing

DIFFERENT OR IDENTICAL?: choice of the rings between partners

While there are boyfriends who choose to wear a discreet ring of yellow or white
gold, precisely the same for both, there are more daring couples who prefer to choose more
original designs designed to attract attention or who decide to choose different rings that are
capable of representing the style of each one (which, logically, does not have to be the same
in many cases).
In this sense, there is no obligation or written rule, so always discuss! For following
your own criteria and being faithful to your personal preferences, you would enjoy your
wedding ring as it is. Because the wedding ring will accompany you all your life, turn in this
unique piece what best represents you.

THE SIZE does matter, after all

The fact that it is an accessory that you are going to wear every day makes size a
primary issue. When trying on your ring and deciding the size, take into account the season of
the year and the temperatures, or even the time of day, as they are factors that can influence
the thickness of the fingers and make them slightly more swollen (or the opposite). To make
no mistake, always try to leave a little room for moving and, of course, make sure it does not
fall off your finger, making it easy to remove the ring without any effort.
Also, about the width of the ring, try not to choose very skinny models, since they can
be very fragile and break or deform over time.

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