A quite reasonably common decision among the parents of a newborn, especially if it is a girl,
is to give your baby earrings. And although there are parents who prefer to wait until their daughter is
older and can decide for herself, there are many who are inclined to put small earrings on her baby a
few days, or even a few hours, after being born.

In fact, children’s earrings are usually one of the most classic and recurring details when it
comes to giving a gift to new parents. Because it is always useful and they can usually wear them at
the time they prefer. Whatever it is, there is one thing that is clear: the girls are gorgeous with their
earrings! Therefore, newborn earrings will be a special memory that they can keep for a lifetime.

Once the decision is made, parents have different options when choosing the place to put their
baby’s earrings. There are many hospitals that already offer this service even before mother and
daughter receive hospital discharge. If not, you can always choose to take some time and, after the
first (and very intense) days or weeks with the little one at home, choose quietly among other options.
There are many pharmacies where they perform this practice. If you opt for this option, it always
requires that the person who does it be the pharmacist himself or a technician prepared to perform this
type of operation. Finally, and also the most advisable, is that you seek the advice of a specialist in
pediatrics or a pediatric nurse to indicate what is the best time to put your daughter’s earrings and,
above all, where to do it with the maximum safety and guarantees.

If you considered putting earrings on your children a symbol of parent love, we recommend
this series of ‘How to choose ideal baby earrings that suit your beloved children’ to learn more about
choosing perfect baby earrings. This article is just an introduction so keep reading on. For now,
consider getting some baby earrings first!

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